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We Don't Do S​*​*​t Hip​-​Hop Vol 10

by Sinoptic Music

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JND - Foxdie 04:05
People are asking what the hell I shut down Sinoptic for/ Running a record label is something I could not afford/ I don’t think of it as that I lost it all/ I just lost an opportunity to push hip-hop that’s raw/ Bin on it since 0-6 but you didn’t know this/ And most didn’t notice me debut my own disc/ But it’s so shit, so don’t worry about coppin it/ Me and JND collabed and made Freyed Knot exist/ This was proper sick, the seven of us were rockin gigs/ And it made me realise people like rap with funk and rock in it/ Put out two albums ok MoreFire was crap/ But That Bradfunk smashes it – Deep in the Valley’s mad/ So peace to the 7 piece, each member brought good stuff/ Shouts to features, plus Guv and Bruce at Touchwood/ Promoting creative hip-hop has always been my intent/ And through teaching rap wi Phil we worked on the YMM/ Organised some great stuff, shit happened you couldn’t make up/ And out of nowhere came a teenager called Jake Brook/ Known to you and me as Lunar C, just a pimply teen/ He knew a producer named Diz – they were the Missin Peeps/ Angry Nik was even spittin then they came to my flat/ In LS6, by Hyde Park I rented wi Matt/ And we whittled away a year just makin some tracks We deadened the sound room with just a mattress and that/ That was in fact the first time Sinoptic existed/ Without just me and JND being the emcees listed/ WYdeboi from YMM - came to spit some rhymes/ Told him a dozen times to drop the name “Mr Grime”/ Then he disappeared at the same time I moved in with Ange/ Bought a house together and I had studio plans/ So Luke and his Dad, plus Seb that they kept in the van/ 32> Got to workin on building Sinoptic, and never looked back// ..12th of December 2 thousand and 12/ That’s the date I hung Sinoptic up on the shelf/ My boredom with it is summat I couldn’t have helped/ Motherfuckers get used to you doin stuff for them well… ...it was the 12th of December 2 thousand and 12/ That’s the date I hung Sinoptic up on the shelf/ I hate hip-hop as a genre man, couldn’t you tell?/ 99% of you are fuckin rubbish as hell// So it was 09 the studio building was on going/ And they did what they could to finish it when it want snowin/ Meanwhile I set up a booth in the house in the cupboard/ And finished recording the Lunar CD with that fucker/ I remember recording Salad of Wookie late at night but/ The missus was asleep next door had to stay quiet/ Was funny as fuck, back when he was not a diva/ And did shit like sound effects and played the ocarina/ But shit changes and improves and all respect is due/ We printed 100 albums and he sold about two/ Then went and battled Bloodstro and from then on he blew/ And long after Sinoptic’s dead I’ll be sellin a few/ This was the fourth Sinoptic release, by 2 thousand and ten/ Forget Bread in Bradford which by now I resent/ Anyway Freyed Knot were bored and we all decided/ To sack the band off as it had provided/ Enough entertainment for three years graft/ Travelling back and forth, playing gigs and getting smashed/ I had a side project called Kin-L it was dope as hell/ Chris, Jay5ive Samir and this Addverse bloke as well/ Helped me realise that guy is the best emcee/ We did one gig, for kids with special needs/ We disbanded but me and Dan wanted to kill it some more/ So did tracks with JND and Flame Griller was born/ Superfly was the first track to make us realise potential/ I never forget first hearing that instrumental/ Did a low budget video, dopeness certified/ 28>(60) Carried on making tracks and blagging Addverse to write// ..12th of December 2 thousand and 12/ That’s the date I hung Sinoptic up on the shelf/ My boredom with it is summat I couldn’t have helped/ Motherfuckers get used to you doin stuff for them well… ...it was the 12th of December 2 thousand and 12/ That’s the date I hung Sinoptic up on the shelf/ I hate hip-hop as a genre man, couldn’t you tell?/ 99% of you are fuckin rubbish as hell// So it’s 20-11 Lunar and Flash doin a track/ This unusual lad called Paul came through to take snaps/ Ended up filming the whole thing, and made it all fit/ And if you haven’t already then Google “Call It”/ Chilled for a bit and Me and Paul get talking/ If only we could create something dope for West Yorkshire/ Maybe a TV show or summat…we didn’t have a clue/ But it was good to link a guy with a good working attitude/ So my missus has Yoga on a Monday night/ So one Monday I was like I’ll text a bunch o guys/ The studios free maybe they wanna come spit rhymes/ And help me up my freestyle game cos it’s fucking shite/ And sure enough they arrived in their hordes/ Some weren’t invited I’m sure/ But that didn’t matter the cypher was born/ Me and Paul spent time tryin make it work/ Sit through hours of footage just to take a verse/ And put it in an episode and release it online/ And it blew up around the time DF was in its prime/ I don’t regret it for a second, that shit was fun/ ….and if you’re wonderin yeah Jack Flash is that good/ Bit intimidating to be honest, so are Addverse and Lego / Imranimal and Matter but everyone brought their best so/ I kept it goin ran Sinoptic parallel/ Hashfinger was releasing EPs each was caramel/ Neverlearn to Hashfinger, nothing short of combustible/ Can’t fuck with his instrumental game his shit’s untouchable/ I also had Illuzual on the ExP team/ He’s a fucking genius with the MPC/ It ended sour between us on some political shit/ His beats are ill as fuck but I still think he’s a ~~/ And was the first time I was thinking that this/ Sinoptic thing isn’t meant for me I wasn’t building with bricks/ No contracts and agreements, I just helped where I could/ People took from me and still made me feel like a cunt/ I was in the studio JND built for me once/ Charging nowt for people to record Jay-Z overdubs/ Shouts to Minas his raps were often good/ 99% of the shit I’ve organised has bin off the cuff/ And if you asked me I had no idea what I was doin/ I made it up as I went along, and that’s the road to ruin/ I can be a twat sorry if ever I had a go at ya/ I wanted Sinoptic global started in Macedonia/ DJ Hellblazer, made some nice beats/ Sometimes hard cos he wasn’t in the dubwhy scene/ But was worth it for Flame Griller tracks not to worry/ Shame about all that bullshit with Bill Currie/ Had me apologising to Bill on my honeymoon/ But forgive and forget, shit on the net: it’s nothing new/ We did some vids with that Paul chap raw raps and more laughs/ Apparently someone linked DJ Format/ And he supported the cause, we repped Yorkshire up north/ And on Yorkshire day dropped it and took Bandcamp by storm/ Probably my proudest day, cos I was involved/ And everything else I had just helped to mould/ I’ve been lucky as hell to work with everyone that I did/ Feel like the cypher made Shedmen get back on their shit/ Was dying to have em signed, saw them live in 06/ And they were raw as fuck even then killin the gigs/ Recorded and released “And What” but not long after/ I took a look at my life like a conscious bastard/ Decided to be selfish, social networks had had it/ 64>(124) So the last thing Sinoptic will release is Working Classics// And that’s it…


released November 29, 2012


all rights reserved



Sinoptic Music UK

"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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