We Don't Do S​*​*​t Hip​-​Hop Vol​.​2 (FreEP)

by Sinoptic Music

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Second FreEP from Sinoptic Music


released August 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Sinoptic Music UK

"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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Track Name: Flame Griller - Superfly
I'm droppin Bradford raps; super fly /
Beyond the comprehension of you stupid types who are new to mics /
You cats are gettin neutered while / I'm a vet staying true with rhymes /
Killing off you call of duty newbie types /

If you spark a doobie, high as ozone /
I'm supplying dope flows just to complement the nicest homegrown /
And rightly so, bro / but if it's summat less /
It's summat I can't stomach yet, there's plenty of you loving it /

I'm tired of you lot with the same style, never saying much /
Over bassline beats gettin played in clubs /
I guess thats what you really love but really, love? /
Wheres the substance, where's the flavour? oh, there isn't much /

I'll never dumb it down, but you should smarten up /
If you're gonna do it, do it justice, but you hardly could /
And what I fail to fathom is the large demand for it /
But I spose that goes for brown addicts as well as heads that bounce to shit /

I spit the Leeds stuff, superfly/
...These days youtube decides who survives/
...How many views and likes, on your latest upload of useless shite/
jus make sure the video directors do it right/
...Doesn’t even matter what the music’s like/
It’s suicide to choose a mic and not think what your tune looks like/
After all “it’s too hard to take in all the words”/
And when was the last time your favourite rapper made a proper verse/

People need to force feed their eyes before their ears/
Beauty was once more than skin deep, now that’s all there is/
And underneath’s an ugly bitch who leaves before you met her/
4 weeks later you try and think back and can’t remember/
So what was number one a month ago, just another bloke/
Or woman who was hummin nothing but a bunch of smoke/
And they wonder why the fruit of UK talent couldn’t grow/
Cos there’s so many weeds in the way the sun just doesn’t show

my styles sinoptic and super fly,/
star trooper slash a light saber tooth tiger with a human vibe,/
i keep it true and let the passion help me stay alive,/
many of these new skool artists are displaying lies,/
for me its never that, most of them pretend to rap,/
so ten times out of ten my tiny tempers gonna snap,/
you feel the passion of it? one hell of a hot topic,/
most guys who rock the mic are sh... like a dog squating,/
and i have not forgotten how i have a lot in common,/
except the rhymes i write are not as whack and not as often,/
i need some intelect in anything of interest,/
when listening to lyrics that another living thing has said,/
and i will not invest in anything thats any less,/
especially if any press have said their musics at its best,/
i find it patronising, ill be the judge of that,/
theres no point in advertising any of your f...................