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We Don't Do S​*​*​t Hip​-​Hop - Vol 5 (FreEP)

by Sinoptic Music

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JND Gimmie a beat, I'll go off on a rant / About how cash is in short supply at my bank / Or how I want my own place again, but I can't afford it / So I'm living with my folks back in Thornbury / See I wanna be stacking more papers, so I trained up / To be an electrician, just to make some / Now I'm tryna do a course to harvest solar power on the roof tops / And money is the key to all my blues, what? / No it wouldn't buy me happiness, and yes I'm obsessed with it / But who doesn't want a few extra credits with / A few less being debited while you're tryna save up, your getting ripped / The taxmans taken all my everything / And whats the point unless you're earning mega bucks / Your gettin ffff / steady look, the point I'm making is theres many cuts we're facing it's / Unfair when you pay your share, but the rest are crooks / Most too rich to care and those that take begrudge / But unlike the most of you; my job is satisfying / Still I cast my eye on being a muso though I'm 9-5ing / 6-days a week most weeks except December/ Last time I was off work and ILL, I can't remember / And its good when you're your own boss / But if you don't work or you've no jobs then your doughs lost / And its soul destroying when you underprice 'em / When estimating, but my dad says 'that comes with time son' / At the age of twenty well, I thought I'd have it sussed / By the age of twenty 6, am realising I am just / Another guy designed to fail; maybe I'm defunct / Or maybe I can't see the light as much as I once could / (chorus) I make music for those wearing headphones / And I've used it for pent up aggressed tones / If you choose this to booze with or get stoned / It's defusing my stressed dome out the red zone / ExP I’ll probably have Mr Nice Guy on my head stone/ Playing No Regrets at my laid to rest home/ Right now i’m in my twenties tho, trying to get known/ And earn enough green so me and Mrs ExP can forget those/ Episodes of the multi series sitcom/ Us repeating each day with a shit job pissed off/ It’s not what I planned for the time being/ But I’m seeing these times leaving me behind with an idea/ Of what might have been/ Just want life to leave me alone, I’m trying to dream!/ There’s no time to breathe/ Still I catch myself inhaling and exhaling/ Time moves forward this day and then that day and/ Another year gone, it’s insane but I’m mad saying/ I’m different to anyone who sleeps wakes and then cash chases/ But I learnt something/ There’s nothing worse than complainin about how it works with no alternative/ And for certain this is/ a journey you won’t complete, it’s unique but it’s purposeless/ And you’re a miracle of probability to see the earth’s surfaces/ You were created in the stars furnaces/ Each atom brought together to form one person that/ For some reason is aware they exist but isn’t certain if/ They prefer their wallpaper in violet or purple. Shit. Pull yourself together, cos you might look at life like a fight contender/ That’s three times the height of you and twice as clever/ That you keep taking on to decide who’s better/ But fight it or hide it’ll find and get ya/ Don’t have to take advice cos I’m not trying to lecture/ For so long I put aside my life to strive for cheddar/ At the end of the day life’s a lesson/ Don’t learn that it was just a waste of time and effort// Chorus Addverse wether you sit alone getting stoned, or play so much that your never home, either way some things are set in stone,/ happiness can only ever be achieved if you work hard cos nothing in life is ever easy,/ and yeah i realise we all have a certain cause, and there's no reason why mine should be worse than yours,/ i turned a corner when i learned to love my challenges, i guess the gloves are off now ive toughened up my calluses,/ im not embarrassed if i need a little help though, think about the time my arm was hanging off my elbow,/ money would be easy if i had the balls to sell coke, but ive got a conscious of myself so instead im broke,/ and always on the hunt to try stack another fund, this crazy world made me think that life without it isn't fun,/ just the same as everyone, tell me where has heaven gone, i feel as though im only ever seeing what the devils done,/ i need to find a place to get away and think a bit, before i bust a vessel like my heads a sinking ship,/ stressing from the pressure on the biggest cliff, suicidal thoughts like Biggie Smalls, im on the brink of it,/ i feel the need to make a change now, a difference, a point, a purpose a time for my age,/ not just a rhymer that writes on a page, and recites on a stage, with the lights on my face,/ there's a time and a place so i want to be there, it makes no sense to me to be stopping to stare,/ with nothing prepared and feeling like none of its fair, there's 7 billion on the planet you say none of them care,// (Chorus)


Volume 5 of the FreEP "We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" series


released February 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Sinoptic Music UK

"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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