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Produced and Written by ExP - Video by @PaulCockCroft www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYgfzBUIVfI


...I say meh to it/
Cos I’m fed up of not getting the best of it/
I sit around all down cos I’m stressed and shit/
But life’s far too short so to heck with it/
mek a tit outta myself get vexed a bit/
But lately, things seem like they’re extra big/
When really...all I need is an exorcist/
...To get rid of the spirit of the pessimist/
So forget the shit, I need to concentrate/
There’s a lot of wasted time I need to compensate/
Used to do a song a day till I got long int face/
And who cares whether its summat that you want to rate/
...I’ve only just discovered that I’ve got no fate/
And one day I’ll be layin in a box and grave/
Or even burnt to ashes after songs of praise/
I’d rather be here than there that’s the concept mate/

Meh...it should be me life’s motto/
Life’s proper good in the hood when I’m blotto/
But I wake up the next day with a head like uh oh/
Probably shudnt a said what I said and kept my gob closed/
I’ve got loads of regrets that are similar still/
There’s no point killing yourself over spillin the Milk/
I never wanted to be King of the Hill/
Just a diligent civilian that’s written it ill/
I made a beat a week decided to give it a rest/
There were nuff people commenting, for this I was blessed/
But there’s only so long the internet can big up ya chest/
Gotta get out in the real world and give it your best/
Cos at the end of the day, it’s just a pen and a page/
A guy called Ben on a stage, who remembers the days/
Forever amazed, in HMV, spending his wage/
Getting Brand New Second Hand or some Eminem, Dre/
Some venomous Cage whatever, it’s irrelevant mate/
Cos it’s 2 thousand and a 11, I bin checkin the date/
Nothin worse than saying that now cos with every play/
From twenty 12 onwards it’ll sound terribly aged/
Anyway generally everybody’s obsessed with the fame/
Whatever happened to mekin art for the sake of it mate/
If it’s getting on top of you and you aren’t tekin the strain/
Just take a load off your back and remember to say
Meh to it mate



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"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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