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Starting Up

from Flame Griller by Flame Griller

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If ya...not having fun with it be done with it /
That wild goose hunting trip, you don’t have to take it if you can duck it quick /
Nuff of us struggle to rub together a couple quid /
Funding the bloody government, everyone suckered in /
Discovered that with some optimism /
You can stop the politicians creaming off the top from your job and your pot to p*** in /
Natural competition is not your opposition /
It wasn’t till 26 that I got that wisdom /
Started to help unify the West of Yorkshire /
It’s less important to make it corporate, we gave it order /
Now everyone’s chatting collaborating and cyphering /
We’ve pretty much created our own hip-hop environment /
And it’s only fuelled by positivity and like mindedness /
So next time you decide to hate on something, ask why the f___ /
Everything has opportunities if you look hard enough /
And take it from someone who’s only just starting up //

We’re just starting up x8

Chief Wigz
So when I start up, I start with a star jump /
A bit of Art Garfunk radio Gaga gumpf /
The parkour stunts man, adapt to the terrain /
Retrain; reclaim game yeah, as the climate change /
But I stay true /
Stabilisers remain removed /
In a scene so old, but it feels so brand new /
Bang like Kung Fu bamboo, to a Youtube near you /
They say, “jump” and we say, “kangaroo” /
We say we can do, when they say we can’t /
But you can’t control creativity that spills from the heart /
Kill to deliver skill, like to wield a ninja star /
Flame Grill to chill down at ExP’s yard /
United culture establishing in times so hard /
But above all an environment to spit some bars /
Give us, half a yard man we’ll take the lot /
You thought we’d done all we could? – But we’re just starting up //

We’re just starting up x8

Better off the top than what you lot could speak in three attempts /
West Yorkshire’s team event, we speak in sequences /
Never the queens English I guess you could say we speak in French /
giving it tongue and cheek like were comedians, even non believers now got something to start believing in /
These are the ingredients, discipline, obedience, timing is the key but confidence makes you a genius /
Either way we gonna make the situation be the best were never gonna stop it until we’ve got the nation seeing sense /
Lunar's up at the top, flash is not gonna flop, matter of fact Lego’s rapping hot /
We got, JND upper cutting grannies the lot, you didn't know that Chief Wigz prefers a cat to a dog /
You must be living under a rock, placed in the past, no face but a mask, perform the most amazing of tasks /
Making Yorkshire the most important place on the map //

We’re just starting up x8

Since we decided to align the stars from round our way it’s crazy now /
I mean from mithering about the charts to laying down /
Another joint displaying how the movement’s gained momentum sorrta /
From a few dudes making sense to group from West o’t Yorkshire /
And if you checked seen the vids we post you should have done /
Or else I’m coming round your house with photos of your chuffing Mum /
The style’s not bubblegum designed to make you dance around /
It’s the type enticing heads to rupture spinal columns…ouch! /
I don’t care if you’re a veteran with stars to prove it /
You can’t freestyle, you’re useless /
And the only rule is /
Nothing pre-written goes, it’s a free – no scribbled notes /
And don’t be chatting over me when I’m spitting flows /
And if you’re dropping fire, likely find me saying, “yeah!” /
Got ExP going, “WhoOo” and cats are dapping, state your shares /
And in this day it’s rare that heads put aside their egos /
Like minded: I’ve just come to spit a free, bro //

Dr Ice
These guys are starting what? What’s that – starting up?

Darwin Theory
Are they starting their cars cos they won’t start in the morning?

Dr Ice
Are they waiting for the starting gun so they can race?

Darwin Theory
Are they starting the coffee machine so they can get a f____ drink?

Dr Ice
You know what? I wish they’d change the song to, “finishing up” and then just not do anything – that would be way better

Darwin Theory
I’m inclined to agree with you there Dr Ice – this track significantly reduces the errr… score that I gave the album – overall I would have given this starting up lame crap like, 1? 1 out of a million?

Dr Ice
I’m not even sure there’s a decimal out there … it’s so lame

Darwin Theory
What’s up with this outro I mean for God’s sake – how long does this outro go on for?

Dr Ice
All this song does is, “nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah LAME” I mean it’s so lame – Mom! Can I get a Schweppes in here cos this song has dried me up.


from Flame Griller, released August 1, 2012
Flame Griller - Starting Up
(B. Goodwin, D. Wigham, D. Edley, L. Bland, K. Plevnes)
Produced by DJ Hellblazer, Featuring Chief Wigz, Written by ExP, Chief Wigz, Addverse & JND


all rights reserved



Sinoptic Music UK

"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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