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We Don't Do S​​​*​​​*​​​t Hip​​​-​​​Hop Vol​​​.​​​4 (FreEP)

by Sinoptic Music

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...I say meh to it/ Cos I’m fed up of not getting the best of it/ I sit around all down cos I’m stressed and shit/ But life’s far too short so to heck with it/ mek a tit outta myself get vexed a bit/ But lately, things seem like they’re extra big/ When really...all I need is an exorcist/ ...To get rid of the spirit of the pessimist/ So forget the shit, I need to concentrate/ There’s a lot of wasted time I need to compensate/ Used to do a song a day till I got long int face/ And who cares whether its summat that you want to rate/ ...I’ve only just discovered that I’ve got no fate/ And one day I’ll be layin in a box and grave/ Or even burnt to ashes after songs of praise/ I’d rather be here than there that’s the concept mate/ Meh...it should be me life’s motto/ Life’s proper good in the hood when I’m blotto/ But I wake up the next day with a head like uh oh/ Probably shudnt a said what I said and kept my gob closed/ I’ve got loads of regrets that are similar still/ There’s no point killing yourself over spillin the Milk/ I never wanted to be King of the Hill/ Just a diligent civilian that’s written it ill/ I made a beat a week decided to give it a rest/ There were nuff people commenting, for this I was blessed/ But there’s only so long the internet can big up ya chest/ Gotta get out in the real world and give it your best/ Cos at the end of the day, it’s just a pen and a page/ A guy called Ben on a stage, who remembers the days/ Forever amazed, in HMV, spending his wage/ Getting Brand New Second Hand or some Eminem, Dre/ Some venomous Cage whatever, it’s irrelevant mate/ Cos it’s 2 thousand and a 11, I bin checkin the date/ Nothin worse than saying that now cos with every play/ From twenty 12 onwards it’ll sound terribly aged/ Anyway generally everybody’s obsessed with the fame/ Whatever happened to mekin art for the sake of it mate/ If it’s getting on top of you and you aren’t tekin the strain/ Just take a load off your back and remember to say Meh to it mate


Fourth freEP from Sinoptic, last one released in 2011


released December 1, 2011

ExP, JND, Lunar C,Hashfinger, Addverse, Flame Griller, Fly Tippers,


all rights reserved



Sinoptic Music UK

"We Don't Do S**t Hip-Hop" Yorkshire Hip-Hop Label/Collective. Lunar C, Flame Griller, ExP, Hashfinger, JND, Addverse, Fly Tippers, Shedmen, DJ Hellblazer, Kin-L, Freyed Knot

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